mill1 [mil]
[ME melle < OE mylen, akin to OHG mulin, ON mylna, all < 4th-c. Gmc borrowing < LL molinae, pl. of molina, mill < LL(Ec) molina, of a mill < L mola, millstone < IE base * mel-, to grind, crush > MEAL2, MILD, Ger mahlen, Gr mylē, mill, L mollis, soft, molere, to grind]
a) a building with machinery for grinding grain into flour or meal
b) the machine for grinding grain
a) a machine for grinding or pulverizing any solid material [a coffee mill]
b) a machine for grinding or crushing fruits or vegetables to press out the juice [a cider mill]
a) any of various machines for stamping, shaping, polishing, or dressing metal surfaces, coins, etc., or for making something by some action done again and again
b) Informal an organization, establishment, etc. where things are done, produced, issued, etc. in a routine, rapid, mechanical way [a diploma mill, a divorce mill]
4. a building or group of buildings with machinery for manufacturing or processing something; factory [a textile mill]
5. a roller of hardened steel with a raised design on it, for making a die or printing plate by pressure
7. a raised edge, ridged surface, etc. made by milling
1. to grind, work, process, form, polish, etc. by, in, or as in a mill
2. to raise and ridge the edge of (a coin), as a safeguard against wear and clipping; knurl
3. Now Rare to beat or whip (chocolate, etc.) to a froth
☆ to move slowly in a circle, as cattle, or aimlessly, as a confused crowd: often with around or about
in the mill
in preparation
through the mill
Informal through a hard, painful, instructive experience, training, test, etc.
☆ mill2 [mil ]
[for L millesimus, thousandth < mille, thousand: cf. CENT1]
one tenth of a cent: $.001: a monetary unit used in calculating but not as a coin
mill3 [mil]
Slang MIL2

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